Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Degradation of Singapore Society....

What has happened these few yrs in Singapore is SIMPLY ATROCIOUS....
....More and more aged working until no eyes to see.
A&E now charge $90 (KK Branch), poor get sick don't dare go hospital.
Bus passengers packed like animals.
Civil servnats, School teachers, bankers professionals into online vice.
Top men in CNB & SCDF involved with same woman...SHOCKING.
More and more suicides,
Casinos destroy thousands of families making Adelson one of the world's richest men...why we sacrifice our society to make him so rich?!
Insults by foreign scholars who use our tax dollars for free education while our children do NS and many cannot get into university - THS IS AN OUTRAGE.
Minister dare to say earn $1000 can own HDB flat....if he living on the same planet as us?
HDB flats routinely cost $500,000.
O$P$ signs everywhere many are loan shark debtors.
Pawn shops suddenly pop up everywhere.
Even our children have to fear kidnap risk.

....Oh what has happened to my beloved Singapore,
....My place of joy, my perfect santuary.
....What has happened to my home,
....The one I swear to defend with my life.
....What has happened to our society,
....Our high morals and our robust integrity?
....I see the decay setting in
....I see the rot every where
....The magic fabric that we weave since independence
.....Corroded by greed, sex and gambling.
.....Moeny has become the new God,
.....Sinful pleasures replace our simple happiness
.....Family life replace by night life.
.....Alas, will my country survive?