In the end go back to ONE CONCLUSION : ALLOW MORE FOREIGN INFLUX OR ELSE...Grace Fu declared Singaporeans 'bread and butter issues' are not for the National Conversation. the PAP does what it wants and pass the problems to us?!

Where is the solution for Singapore's retirement woes? - more people cost of living will shoot up how to retire?

Where is the solution for high medical cost? A few days back one bout of meningitis which is not uncommon, set a family back $ come high medical cost is not a problem.

Where is the solution for high housing costs?

Where is the solution for structural unemployment?

Where is the solution for high cost of living?

All these problems are worsened by the foreign influx. Before all these problems are solve, the PAP keep saying they want more influx. How can? Is this reasonable position to take?

Shows how addicted the PAP is to cheap foreign labor and GDP growth. Singaporean's quality of life is SECONDARY, what ever comes ORDINARY Singaporeans have to just accept. This is just not right especially when the elites occupying high posts in corporations are set to reap almost all of the gains from such policies. Such policies are unbalanced and do not benefit ordinary Singaporeans.