Thursday, 12 April 2012

What one Hougang resident told me....

Yesterday I was adjusting one of the posters already put up. By coincidence I was wearing blue but not the WP tee shirt. A man in his 50s walk up to me and asked me if I'm from the WP. I said no, I'm not a WP member just volunteer hands and legs to help out in the election. I then asked the man whether he is WP supporter. He said "Of course! This time SURE VOTE for the WP!". I asked him why? This is what he said to me.

We all better wake up or we will all end up like the Comfort taxi driver who was killed in the Ferrari accident last week. He means it in a figurative sense. We will be overrun by the way the PAP does things before we realise it will be too late. Just like the taxi driver who never imagined his life will be taken away from him. PAP is powerful and big like the Ferrari and like to step on the accelerator to make GDP grow very fast to make their companies grow very fast for high profits, cost of living e.g housing also rocket up like high spped Ferrari. Ordinary Singaporeans aversely affected are the collateral damage in their policy formulation like the taxi driver. The opposition are the brakes of the Ferrari. If the brakes are not working this Ferrari will go very fast and cannot stop properly. Taking the opposition out of HG is like wearing off the brake linings. The Comfort taxi had no air bags just like Singapore has little social safety net. When the hardtimes comes, our families will suffer not the ones who cause the hardtimes, they are well taken care of.

That is why he feels compelled to vote for the WP on 26 May 2012.

I shook his hand and said THANK YOU. If not for the people of HG, Anson, Potong Pasir and Aljunied, we would have all been overrun by PAP policies and crushed by it long time ago. WP cannot lose at HG because Singaporeans cannot lose. Once the PAP wins a clean slate, the Ferrarri has no brakes and all we can do is pray we are in the 2nd taxi and not the oen that went first. But at that stage never know.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A heartbreaking Singapore story....

Tell you what happened last week.

2 weeks ago a neighbor of mine, a widower, died leaving behind 2 children - one in JC the other still in secondary school. The man was involved in an road accident and died in hospital. His wife passed away 3 years ago. The relatives are poor and refused to take in these children. I've known this family since I was a young boy The boy and girl are my good friends. The father left a fully paid 2 room flat so we all figured that with some financial help, the girl will be able to make to university, graduate and support her brother.

Since I'm not working and know the family, my mom asked me to approach the neighbors to ask who might be able to help. $10, $20 or $50 ...or whatever small amount that can support the 2 children every month in addition to the assistance from CDAC and other govt sources. Surprisingly, although the neighbors are poor many were will to commit to small amounts to help these children. The total amount was $185.

I went to the home on Good Friday to tell the children about the good news and advice them on how to plan their monthly expenses and so on. While I was chatting with them, there was this loud knock on the door.

A woman (from accent can tell from PRC) was with a 2-yr old small child wanted to come into the house. We all didn't know who she was so we asked her what she wanted. The next thing she said was quite shocking. She said the flat belonged to her. Ridiculous...I asked the 'mad' woman to get lost and take her nonsense with her. She took out marriage cert and showed us she was married to the kids' late father. Apparently, after his wife's death my neighbor started another family with this PRC woman who is a PR. Now this woman wants two thirds of the HDB flat (her share and her child's share) - either sell off and get share of the proceeds or the kids pay her two-thirds the rental of the flat. She said she is very kind and will give 2 months for this to be sorted out. As a spouse and one child, she has right to two-thirds of the man's CPF.

The 2 kids who had to overcome the great grief over the death of their father now have to be confronted with this heartbreaking situations.