I look up dictionary to really understand:

Xenohobia an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.

It is UNREASONABLE fear and/or hatred. 

So if you fear foreigners come and take your job, is it REASONABLE or UNREASONABLE?

If you fear foreigners come and cause housing prices to be less affordable, is this reasonable or UNREASONABLE?

If you HATE foreigners because they have been INCONSIDERATE to you, is this reasonable?

Please don't hate them for no reason. In fact the guy from PRC working at my nearby coffeeshop is quite hardworking and honest. I actually like to chat with him about his home in China. But the guy who pushed me on the MRT the other day was not so nice - pushed me harder than any Singaporean has ever pushed me. I don't like him, he happened to be a foreigner so that makes me XENOPHOBIC. If he is a Singaporean than it is alright no to like him? If I shout at an Indian for not giving seat to elderly, I'm xenophobic but if I shout at a Singaporean, it is okay?

If I scold my fellow Singaporeans for their inconsiderate behavior and bad manners, it is okay because they are Singaporeans. But if I scold foreigners for exactly the same thing, I am xenophobic?

The so called minority of ugly Singaporeans scolding vulgarities on the internet have existed since the 1990s when Internet first appeared. When they flame and scolded their fellow Singaporeans, our leaders said nothing....but when they turned their attention to foreigners suddenly our leaders very kan-cheong scold them to stop, call them xenophobic ...used big negative words on them.

So the foreigners are so valued by our leaders and we are worth nothing. Singaporeans can be treated any which way but it is no big deal to our leaders. Some angry words in some corner of the Internet against foreigners,, our leaders will berate us on television - tell the whole world some Singaporeans are xenophobic, have no heart, inconsiderate. 

They call us daft, lesser mortals and all sorts of ugly names themselves. We are worth nothing, but for the foreigners they must be protected. The PM publicly tell the whole world including the International media that we, Singaporeans, are "one-eye-dragon"...in English this phrase has a meaning that makes me feel sick. My PM , my leader called me this, what have I done to deserve it.