Sunday, 30 September 2012

Poem - Working Class Father...

Oh daddy how come we have no car?
Because it is too expensive, my son.
How come my friends father all drive?
Why do must we take MRT and bus?
Because daddy does not earn not enough.

Oh daddy, where are we going this holiday.
Son, we are going to Lego Land in Malaysia.
Malaysia again? I want to go to Europe and America.
How come my friends get to go so faraway?
Why is it always Genting and that lagoon in Sunway.

Oh daddy, why don't you make more money,
So we can stay condo and eat sushi.
I'm tired of hawker center and kway teow mee.
I want better, daddy please give to me.

Oh daddy, you look so tired and drained,
Did your FT boss scold you again?
Oh daddy, please up your productivity.
Try to get promoted and earn more money.

How come other people's dad so capable,
Drive BMW and live in private condo.
Their children all get private tuition,
While I struggle through my education.
On their body are branded creations/
Why must I wear imitation?
Cheap pasar malam clothing,
I think is skin irritating.

Oh daddy, you quarrel with mom today,
You gambled all housekeeping money away?
4D every week you must play?
Why don't you work harder to earn more pay?

Why do I have a father with no degree,
Look down upon by our capitalistic society.
Every month struggle to make ends meet,
So many OTs and no-off weeks.
Still, the cost of living rise faster than he can earn,
Numerous new things he has struggle to learn.

Deep inside I know he tries his best,
He struggle so hard and never rest.
Late night shifts for a few dollars more,
For those new pair of shoes I wore.
I know no matter how hard he cannot catch up,
They overrun him with cheap foreign imports.
Younger workers with whom he must compete,
Bullied at work he dare not speak/

Oh daddy, you look so worried today,
You deep wrinkles are a giveaway.
Oh daddy, what is on your mind?
Your foreign boss again unkind?
Did they humiliate you at workplace,
Say you're too slow too old nowadays?

Oh daddy, I'm okay to take bus and MRT
I don't mind living in H-D-B,
I don't want any holiday to Europe,
No need branded shoes and clothes.
I know whatever it is you still love me,
That's enough for me to be happy.

I just want again to see your smile,
For me you went the extra mile.
A working class father nothing is easy,
Every dollar you sweated for the family.
Others can look down on our poverty,
But we will stand up proudly,
For you are the ones that work the hardest,
They rob when they pay you the lowest.
But every working class father is truly
The backbone of our economy.


  1. Your poem brought a tear to my eye. Simple, honest & heartfelt. Do keep writing. - Ade

  2. Thank you Ade plse share it with others in your facebook and fav forums