Wednesday, 3 October 2012

TRUTH about Eldercare Center and JB nursing homes....

Recently, it is reported that the govt is building 100+ elder care centers around Singapore. Mainstream media make it sound so good, old folks will be fetched from their homes and cared for at the Eldercare centres and then the van will send them home. Then the govt harp on some people opposing such elder care centres near their home - very ugly people, very selfish, think only about themselves not abt elderly SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! I also feel shameful to be Singaporean when I hear these people's objection to elderly care near their is very stupid because you go to all the elderly care centres, the old folks are cared for INSIDE the center and they seldom come out or walk around. But there is ONE THING, more shameful than these Singaporeans who oppose elder care near their home.

First ask you ONE SIMPLE QUESTION : With so many Eldercare centres around come so many Singaporeans send their old to nursing homes in JB? Do you know WHY? This is ONE THING not revealed in Main Stream Media when they write beautifully about Eldercare centre making it look like the PAP govt is going all out to care for our seniors. If that is so why are JB nursing homes crowded with elderly from Singapore?

I also don't know this until my friend told me. One month ago my friend Johnny, aged 45 yrs old called me. He told me he needed to borrow $500 urgently. He was a trusted old friend don't say "borrow" even if "give", I'm okay to do it. I was more concerned if he ran into trouble. I met up with him, I give him the $500 first then asked him what happened. He told me he slipped and injured his elbow. Because of injury, he had to wear a cast and was given MC. Because he couldn't do OT and the medical bills, he was short of money. How he ended short of money? 1 year ago, his mom could no longer care for herself so he enroll her into a Eldercare Centre. The centre charges $1200 per month leaving him with less than $500 to spend on himself. Luckily, he is single and don't have family to support.

$1200 per month for a place in Eldercare you understand why people who cannot afford send their parents to JB. 

One minister openly declare that earn $1000 per month can own HDB flat. My friend make $1500-$1700 depending on how much OT. He can't even feed himself when something unexpected happens.

This magic $1000 can buy flat, support family, send elderly parents to Eldercare....the PAP govt live in another world not in our world.


  1. A pet scan in a subsidized hospital here costs more than $2000 and they only waive the gst as subsidy for cehas patient

  2. It's a magic $1000 tie in with a lot of assumptions.

  3. It is a good step by Govt. It is the responsibility of state to provide good facilities to those senior citizens which don't have homes to live.

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  4. well. the government is trying to do something nowadays. sometimes, they choose to go across the causeway to lesser the burden of their kids might have families of their own. other times, it might be because they might have relatives who can possibly provide more emotional support and visits at the nursing home in jb.