Sunday, 7 October 2012

Singapore has to try to catch up with Malaysia on quality of life....

Recently, Malaysian govt announced that mammograms for women will be made free to prevent breast cancer.

SIngapore must try to catch up with Malaysia on quality of live. Although we are a small country with little resources we cannot allow ourselves to lack too far behind our neighbors. Already many compare themselves with their relatives in Malaysia and find the gap building up.

Quality of life in Singapore keep getting lower and lower. Trnasport system become like cattle transport. Housing become shoebox. Medical care become unaffordable. We cannot continue sinking like this otherwise the gap between us and Malaysia will keep growing. The govt should intervene before this becomes too big and quality of life erode further here in Singapore.

1. 70%-80% of Malaysians with family can own car. In Singapore only 30%. Having a car means quality of family life is much higher as a father can drive his family around to go places. Govt must enable more families to own car to make life better for families here. Imagine bring stroller, toddler up a crowded bus with inconsiderate people who don't give up their seats.

2. Housing. Malaysians incur debt for housing that take half the time to pay off vs Singaporeans. Most of their housing is landed property and private apts. Singapore much try to catch up with Malaysia in provision of quality spacious housing to its citizens. I don't see it happening because be keep getting overcrowding from foreign influx. Hopefully HDB can do something here so that we can close the gap with Malaysia in this area.

3. In Malaysia, NS is only 3 months. Although we pay more than double to buy weapons to have technology advantage, our NS is 2 years - that is 8 times longer than in Malaysia. While I agree we need a lead in defense, we need to think properly in this area. 2 years is a big loss for Singaporeans - after serving NS some of us can't even get into university and scholarships are given free to foreigners to get degree and compete against us. This causes negative morale and sentiment which undermines the whole intent of NS. We cannot put Singaporeans at such a big disadvantage in life by training foreigners using scholarship to compete against our own people ...then expect them to sacrifice their life in times of war. It is a ridiculous situation.

4. In Malaysia medical is 6-8 times cheaper than in Singapore. In Singapore public hospitals we are often treated by pinoy nurses and China doctors at a much higher cost. For elderly, treatment is free in Malaysia. While affordability of medical is low in Singapore to discourage people from getting sick, we cannot assume people will not get sick. When they get sick the financial burden is very heavy especially the old who have no income. I sincerely hope Singapore can catch up with Malaysia in this area.

5. Most Malaysians can afford to retire at 55 or 60 yrs old while many Singaporeans cannot retire and work until they die. Hopefully things improve in Singapore but we cannot be optimistic here.

6. Studies show that Singapore has the highest stress and longest working hours. We also have falling productivity of labor. Malaysia has rising labor productivity and less stress working environment. Stress can kill and causes low fertility. Constant fear of losing jobs to foreigners add to Singaporeans' worries.

In Malaysia the Chinese have the lowest fertility but even Malaysian Chinese have far higher fertility than Singapore Malays who have the highest fertility among Singapore races. All races in Malaysia beat all Singapore races for fertility. That is because quality of life in Malaysia is much better than overcrowded Singapore where things keep worsening. Hopefully with new measures we can close the gap between Singapore and Malaysia.     


  1. Dumbass is posting based on SG salary and MY expenses. In MY the median salary is less than SGD$800 vs SG median salary of SGD$2.5K. Anyone who have been to Malaysia will tell you that MY cost is more than 1/2 SG cost.

    Example a typical house is Malaysia will still set U back SGD$200K(albeit a bigger one than in SG) for someone earning $800 will be worse off than earning in SG and buying HDB. Not forgetting they need to pay in cash while we can do it using CPF.

    If you are earning SGD and living in MY, what he said is true for the most part. If you are Malaysian however, you are better off being Singaporean

    1. I live in malaysia and i can tell you rm 2000 (sgd800) lives better in malaysia than sgd 2500 lives in singapore. Ultra low incomer can live in low cost house cost less than rm100k. Typical house in malaysia for middle incomer cost rm 200K-400K. Which is why they set minimum house price for foreigner to rm500K (200K sgd) coz it is too pricey for local to buy. Get your facts right we r allowed to use epf to buy ppty, local malaysian do not have that much of free cash. Other like med cost private car, petrol, low cost of living etc makes rm 2000(sgd800) worth much more than sgd 2500. You r typical Singaporean who brainwash by your nation ego and lee dynasty glory. And no way singapore standard of living can be higher than malaysia when cost of living rank top in the world.

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